Weight Loss & Nutrition

Did you know?

Over 40% of dogs and 30% of cats in Australia are overweight or obese. That is over 70% of cat and/or dog owners with an overweight pet.

Looking at these figures you can see you aren’t alone with your pets battle against the bulge, and thankfully we run a Weight Loss Program within the hospital to help correct this problem. To become involved in the Weight Loss Program your pet will have to have seen a Veterinarian for a referral and body score.

So what’s involved?

In the first consultation your Veterinary Nurse will take your pets photo, measurements and weight which will be recorded on your file, you will also receive a starter pack which will have most of the information you need to get started. Any questions you have, feel free to ask.

After the initial consultation, you will need to bring your pet in every week to be weighed so we can update his/her progress (This is very important). Once your Veterinary Nurse is happy with your pets weekly weight losses, the weigh-ins will be spread out to fortnightly or even monthly consultations, this will depend on the patients progress and other factors of course.

When your pet has reached his/her target weight, they are placed on a maintenance diet which you can maintain from home, simple!

Obesity is a growing problem in our pets, and can have serious implications on their health. Conditions such as heart problems, arthritis and diabetes can all be related to obesity.

We recommend & stock a full range of Hill’s Science Diet Life Stage foods and Hill’s Prescription Diets for pets with specific medical conditions.

All our staff are happy to help you with dietary recommendations for your pet.

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