Cassius Gets a Health Check by Dr. Greg

Our vets at Alma Street Veterinary Hospital are quite involved with the ongoing health of the residents of the Rockhampton Zoo and the local Turtle Research Centre.

In this video, our vet Dr Greg Muir performs a health check on our local zoo chimp, Cassius.

Check out that smile after the health check is complete!

Dr Greg Performing Surgery

Meet the playful bulldog ‘Coco’. Because she is so playful and loves to play in her shell pool year round, her corkscrew tail was consistently getting wet and was beginning to get smelly and irritated. Coco came to see Dr Greg who suggested for Coco to have her inverted tail amputated. This procedure can be very difficult and comes with risks as it involves the spine and is very close to the bowel. Coco came through the procedure extremely well and was back to her bouncing self within days.

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