Healthy teeth are a very important part of your pets general health. At Alma Street Veterinary Hospital we have a dental unit to assist us to treat dental problems. Some pets may just require a scale and polish. We do this with an ultrasonic scaler (similar to a human dentist) and specalised polisher. Other pets may require extractions for rotten teeth, damaged teeth or tooth root diseases.

We can also put fillings in damaged teeth, but this needs to be done soon after tooth is damaged (within 48 hours), otherwise it becomes infected and removal is required.

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Dental Care

Once teeth are clean, it is important to try and maintain clean teeth at home. This will help reduce tartar and slow the progression of dental disease. Good dental health is important for general health.

The following methods can help keep your pets teeth clean;

Brushing Teeth

Just like people, daily brushing is the ultimate in tooth care. Brush with a tooth brush or finger brush once a day. Use a pet toothpaste. Clean the outside of the teeth (This can be done with the mouth closed). Brushing can be done before food, and give food as a reward after brushing. Our staff can assist you in showing you how to brush your pets teeth.

Bones – Bones must ONLY be feed raw.

Large bones for bigger dogs (such as cow femurs) and brisket or chicken bones for small dogs and cats. Bones will help clean teeth, but can also fracture teeth and get stuck in the mouth, throat or gut, so use them carefully.

For best results

  • Use only raw bones
  • Strip excess meat and fat from the bones
  • Use whole bones, not cut bones

Dental Gel

Chlorhexidine dental gel daily helps remove tartar.

Good dental hygiene is important for your pets health, not to mention nicer smelling breath. A professional scale and polish may still be required from time to time to keep teeth in tip top shape.

Dental Chews

Chews such as Greenies and Dentabones can help remove tartar. Pigs ears are a natural treat.

Dental Diets

Hills t/d diet for cats and dogs help clean teeth.

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