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Puppy Preschool & Dog Training

At Alma Street Veterinary Hospital we host a Puppy Preschool several times through the year.

Puppies are just like children, and are a product of their ‘parents’, this is why it is important to become fully aware of their needs. A puppy develops their social skills between the age of 8-16 weeks. By introducing your puppy to Puppy Preschool during this time, we aim to ensure your puppy becomes a polite and well behaved canine citizen.


Puppy Preschool focuses on socialisation and information for the owner. However we do cover some of the basic commands like Sit, Stay and Come. It is a great opportunity for a first time puppy owner to learn all the information you need about your new best friend or a just chance to socialise your new puppy and catch up the latest canine health care information. 

Classes are run over four weeks on a Monday or Tuesday nights from 6:00pm – 7:30pm.

The four week course costs $80 per puppy.

To attend a Puppy Preschool Class:

  • Small Breed Puppies (Maltese, Foxy etc) – 6-16 weeks (when starting the class)
  • Large Breed Puppies (Cattle Dog, Mastiff) – 6-14 weeks (when starting the class)
  • MUST HAVE had the 1st Vaccination
  • Be on a Collar and Lead
  • Bookings essential

During these classes we cover:

– Puppy nutrition, grooming.

– General puppy care for fleas, ticks, worming and Vaccinations.

– What is an emergency and what signs to look for.

– When’s and Why’s of canine desexing and microchipping.

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