How do you decide when the time has arrived?  Are you making the right decision for your best friend and yourself?

It is very normal to feel extremely emotional and to doubt your decision making at this time. It is most important though that the decision is one that you can feel at peace with.  No one should ever force you to make the decision especially when you feel that your beloved companion is not yet ready to leave.

You need to be strong for your best friend in their last few days and to consider what is best for them – to be brave and remind yourself that what we do now has to be in their best interests, not ours.  Letting go is so terribly hard but seeing them suffer further is even harder.  There will often be some regret in making a decision to euthanize your beloved friend (and this is normal), however, you don’t want to regret later that you held on too long.

Sometimes, it is not clear whether their quality of life is acceptable to them, and unfortunately, your pet may not always let you know it is time. Many pets will often try to show you they are fine when in fact, they are suffering.

If you need help determining whether their quality of life is acceptable, give us a call or book a consult with a veterinarian. Something else you can do at home, consider your cat or dog’s five favourite activities. Whether it is going for a walk, getting groomed, going for a drive, eating their favourite food. Once they reach a point where these activities don’t create a spark, it might be time to consider euthanasia as the most compassionate and dignified way to say farewell. Give us a call for further advice or to arrange an appointment.

When the time comes there are some options to consider and think about before you come into the vet. There is the time, process and what to do after the event. Please find the form attached, with some questions and information you can bring with you for the appointment.

To download the Euthanasia Preparation Form click here.


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